Podcast Ep 50: Algae: The Ultimate Superfood with Catharine Arnston

Superfoods are a hot new topic. There are many foods that are classified as such, but none hold a candle to algae! This chlorophyll rich plant is the most nutrient dense on the planet, containing all essential amino acids, the highest concentration of protein, iron, beta carotene, and antioxidants, as well as B-vitamins, electrolytes, and omega 3’s.

Today’s guest knows everything there is about algae! After her sister got sick with cancer she went on quest, learning all about nutrition, wellness, plant-based foods, and an alkaline diet. Through her research she discovered algae and found her passion. After deep diving into the research and science behind this amazing food she wanted to help spread the word of its immense benefits, founding the company Energybits, which sources the highest quality algae, selling it in easy to take tablets.

We chat all about algae, its history, the different types (spirulina and chlorella), nutrient content, sustainability, gut health, and why it can help change the world. We also discuss the immune system, how it works, and how we can protect ourselves!

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