Podcast Ep 41: Thriving on Plants for Diabetes and Hormones Issues with Charlotte Faith

Chances are when someone brings up the word diabetes you can name a loved one effected by this life altering disease. That’s because we have an epidemic on our hands in America. Over 30 million people have diabetes, with 1 in 4 not even knowing they have it all! 1/3 of all adults in US have prediabetes and in just 20 short years the number of adults diagnosed has doubled. But there are different types of diabetes. Those stats are for type 2 diabetes, the lifestyle related issue. What about the other form, type 1?  Those numbers are also rising with a 3.4% increase in cases each year. The current medical paradigm is that carbs are bad for diabetes and should be avoided. But what if that thought process is wrong?!

Charlotte Faith has been living with type 1 diabetes since she was 14 years old. She followed the current medical protocol for years, low-carb and high-fat diet. However, after discovering a video created by the team of Mastering Diabetes her thought process shifted. She couldn’t believe what she saw, experts advocating the complete opposite of what she’d be told her whole life! She decided to give a try, why not!? Within just a few short weeks, her insulin dependency lessened and her blood sugar became more stable. Within in a couple of months the hormone problems she’d been experiencing also got better.

We chat about her story, when she learned she had diabetes, different things she tried, and her experience going whole food plant-based to improve her type 1 diabetes. We also discuss her hormonal issues that caused her hair to fall out, weight fluctuation, and loss of her period for 7 years. We get into the power of nutrition and the ability we all have to be truly healthy and happy!

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