Podcast Ep 31: Living Authentically using Human Design with Cortney Ostrosky

Have you heard of human design? It’s definitely a buzzword these days and on this episode of the podcast we learn all about it from Cortney Ostrosky!

Cortney is a multi-passionate massage therapist and yoga instructor, having hosted retreats and workshops all over the world! Most recently she’s become super inspired by human design, giving readings to help others discover their true potential and live life with purpose!

Cortney explains what human design is, how it was discovered, the different energy types, and how the system can help us align with our true selves. We also go over my own human design chart and what it all means!

Discover your human design chart by going to mybodygraph.com. You can also contact Cortney to schedule a reading through her website or Instagram @cortney108

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