Podcast Ep 15: Dealing with PCOS, Hormones, and All About CBD with Elizabeth Kuntz

Ep 15: On this episode I sit down with my good friend and fellow Holistic Health Coach, Elizabeth Kuntz. After taking a nutrition course in college, Elizabeth found a new passion! She went on to study with IIN, the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and now works with clients to help them form healthy habits, encouraging them through diet change, exercise, and being supportive in guiding them to reach their goals. But Elizabeth has had her on health struggles. For years she dealt with debilitating pain and issues with absolutely no answers. She soon figured the puzzle out herself, she had PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome).

We chat about Elizabeth’s story, how she got into holistic health and nutrition, her struggles with PCOS, hormones, and anxiety. We also get into CBD, what it is, how it can be beneficial, the hemp plant itself, and it’s history.

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