Introducing The Refined Hippie Podcast

Oh my gosh, y’all! It’s finally happened! The first episode of The Refined Hippie Podcast is up! I am so extremely excited (and nervous) to have finally started this journey! This is a new and fun creative outlet for me to discuss different topics that I’m passionate about, all centered around holistic living. A holistic lifestyle is one that’s conscious of the fact that everything is intimately connected, our bodies, minds, spirits, and the planet. Topics that encompass holistic living may include plant-based nutrition, organic skincare, meditation, yoga, the environment and more. Many of my future guests have amazing stories of overcoming illness, addiction, and personal struggles. Some found that a new diet and lifestyle to be the answer to healing and in turn shifting a new perspective.

For the first episode, I sat down with good friend and fellow plant-based advocate, Maggie Griner, to chat about her road to plant-based living. Maggie took her love of plants to the next level by starting her own veganic garden.

“I started realizing that there’s over 20,000 species of edible plants on this planet and only about 20 are what we buy at the grocery store.”  -Maggie Griner

Following a family member’s illness, Maggie and her husband, Ben, began analyzing the diseases that plague our society. They questioned whether these illnesses were inevitable or do we actually have control of our destiny. Their search ultimately led them to a plant-based lifestyle. Soon after, Maggie started visiting the farmers market around Charleston, SC. From there she became interested in growing her own produce, eventually studying gardening through Cornell University online. Maggie’s also an amazing vegan chef and tries to live a low-waste, sustainable life, making conscious choices being considerate of how they effect the planet and its inhabitants.

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