Wellness Burnout and Compassion Fatigue

Ep 108: A new season of the podcast is here and we are taking off with a bang, chatting all about wellness burnout and compassion fatigue, two psychological phenomenon that can happen to many of us trying to live a healthy and/or compassionate lifestyle.

I started using the term ‘wellness burnout’ after learning of friends and clients (even myself) who’d experienced exhaustion from their health journey. It can happen to anyone who’s been devoting an extreme amount of time and energy to healing.

We also discuss compassion fatigue, a condition that can leave animal lovers feeling hopeless, stressed, and anxious.

Topics Include:

  • signs of ‘wellness burnout’
  • what is burnout
  • how to overcome it
  • finding perspective
  • knowledge or information paralysis
  • compassion fatigue
  • empathetic distress
  • cognitive empathy
  • animal rights versus animal welfare
  • and more!

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Bearing Witness: Animal Activists and Compassion Fatigue