The Art of Journaling with Kristen Bowen

On this episode we bring back a past guest, Kristen Bowen and chat all about journaling. Kristen has seen profound benefits journaling, not only mentally but physically too.

We get into all things journaling including:

  • magnesium burn rate
  • how to best hold onto minerals in the body
  • why journaling is such a powerful tool
  • best notebooks and pens for journaling
  • Kristen’s journaling story
  • journaling for mental health and depression
  • how journaling looks different to everyone
  • scientific studies
  • burn journal
  • the legacy a journal can leave
  • first steps to get into journaling
  • exposing our subconscious and internal dialogue
  • The Art of Journaling course
  • The Artist’s Way book
  • famous people who journaled

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Kristen Bowen and the Art of Journaling
Kristen Bowen and the Art of Journaling