Podcast Ep 61: Devastating Effects of Stress and Glyphosate with Tracey Winn

On this episode of the podcast we’re exploring the devastating effects of stress and glyphosate!

Tracey Winn is a holistic lifestyle coach who, like many of us, became passionate about wellness because of her own traumatic healing journey. Tracey tried various alternative healing modalities, including herbs and chiropractic care, both of which had profound results, transforming her body and life. We chat about her experience, when she recognized the devastating toll stress was having on her body, and how she reclaimed her health. We talk about herbalism, plant medicine, and the power of plants. 

Other topics we discuss include:

  • glyphosate and its impact on our bodies
  • gut health
  • the “c” word
  • impact of the mind, body, spirit
  • detoxing
  • media manipulation
  • suppression of information
  • biowarfare
  • censorship of natural healing
  • gut health, allergies, and skin issues
  • tips for gaining more peace
  • our addition to technology/phones
  • yoga

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