Podcast Ep 39: Healing on a Raw Plant-based Diet with Sarah Megrue

Today’s guest, Sarah Megrue, has had quite the health journey. After slowly becoming ill in her late twenties, experiencing a whole host of symptoms including hair loss, anemia, and digestive distress, doctors didn’t have an answer for her. She bounced from different doctors and even tried the Mayo Clinic, but got little to no relief or direction. Eventually she found a functional doctor who suggested a raw plant-based diet. It was no time before she began feeling better! Her new lifestyle even helped her anxiety and panic attacks that she’d been dealing with. We chat about story, including the identity crisis, shame, and emotional aspect that went along with this life changing experience. We touch some on my own story, how I became plant-based, FMT’s, shifting beliefs, and more!

You can follow Sarah on her IG: @thehealingboho.

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