Podcast Ep 13: How I Healed an Autoimmune Disease

My road to holistic health wasn’t quick and it wasn’t easy! After getting an autoimmune disease, seemingly out of the blue, I tried pharmaceutical drugs. However, I quickly learned they weren’t the answer for me when my symptoms actually worsened from their use. I began doing some research and found others who had healed themselves through diet and lifestyle change. And so my road to healing naturally began. I tried different diets, saw different functional doctors, and even traveled to England for an alternative treatment that’s not preformed in the US, all in an attempt to heal myself and get to the root cause of my affliction. But before things got better, things got really really bad. My life seemed like it was spiraling out of control, I even ended up in the hospital! However, this story does have a happy ending. Eventually, I did heal myself! By focusing on a whole foods plant-based diet, light exercise,  yoga, and other natural methods, I finally succeeded! On this episode I chat about my story, how I healed, FMT’s, gluten, glyphosate, as well as brief history on how our medical care approach became what it is today.

I hope y’all enjoy!

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