Hormones, Liver Health, and Ayurveda with Carley Foley

On this episode we have my good friend Carly Foley back on the show to discuss all things hormones, liver health, and Ayurveda.

Topics Include:

  • hormonal balance
  • Ayurveda and the doshas
  • bringing in more yin
  • coming from a place of depletion
  • nourishing the body
  • glutathione
  • fats
  • liver detox
  • nutrients needed for liver detox
  • birth control
  • 5 R’s of gut health
  • how to increase your digestive fire
  • gut focused hypnosis
  • ileocecal valve massage
  • estrogen
  • the truth about soy and phytoestrogen
  • adrenal fatigue
  • trauma and healing
  • benefits of a spiritual practice
  • social media
  • all about ojas
  • and more!