Healing and Connecting to the Earth with Amy Dempster

On this episode we chat all about healing and connecting to the Earth with Amy Dempster, an Earth Healing Expert!

Our society has become extremely detached from Mother Earth. Never in the history of humanity have we spent such little time outdoors. But it’s not just about the physical connection, we’re less connected to the planet spiritually as well.

We chat with Amy Dempster on how we can connect back to and tune into the spirits and energies of the world. We discuss her story and how a series of unusual encounters with hawks led her to a spiritual awakening, prompting to leave her corporate job and life in the suburbs to move to Montana.

Topics Include:

  • connecting with and tuning into the spirits and energies of the earth
  • energy vortexes versus cities of light
  • healing chakras of certain areas
  • spirits of the land (keeps of the land, ancestors of the land)
  • tree communication
  • ghosts and haunted places
  • the process of crossing over
  • and more!
Amy Dempster
Amy Dempster