Water Vibrations, Benefits of Silica, and Achieving True Hydration with Michael Hobson

Ep 120: On this episode we chat with Michael Hobson, founder of the award winning Aquene Springs, all about water vibrations, benefits of silica, and achieving true hydration!

Michael has spent the last decade studying water in all its capacities. His takeaways shed new light on not only what good water can do for our bodies, but also the importance of silica for our systems, especially as we age.


  • Michael’s road to water
  • structured water
  • water quality in the USA
  • memory of water
  • science and its resistance to new ideas
  • municipal water
  • Aquene Springs
  • quartz crystals
  • blessing our food
  • lightly mineralized
  • low versus high surface tension in water
  • RO (reverse osmosis) water
  • what is silica
  • reasons we need silica
  • high pH waters
  • how to make silica rich water at home
  • detoxing heavy metals
  • silica and aluminum
  • aluminum and dementia
  • speaking kindly to water and ourselves

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Aquene Springs IG: @aquenesprings

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Michael Hobson of Aquene Springs
Michael Hobson of Aquene Springs