The Impact of Toxins with Kelly Ryerson, Glyphosate Girl

On this episode we chat with Kelly Ryerson, aka Glyphosate Girl, an activist, environmental health writer, public health advocate, and speaker, about the impact toxins are having on our planet.

After dealing with her own health issues (that doctors couldn’t explain), Kelly discovered on her own that going gluten-free and eating organic greatly improved her symptoms. This revelation led her down a rabbit hole, introducing her to the herbicide glyphosate, and the connection it was having with the explosion of chronic disease in our country.

Topics Include:

  • Kelly’s health crisis
  • her discovery of glyphosate
  • is it gluten or glyphosate?
  • Monsanto trials
  • Big Ag and Big Chemical control over government
  • hydroponics
  • pulling carbon out of the atmosphere
  • microbiome
  • endocrine disruption
  • defects in offspring
  • fertility rate
  • pets and leaky gut
  • changes happening in USDA
  • European grain
  • recycling
  • weeds
  • neonicotinoids and bees
  • growing a garden
  • and more

Kelly’s IG: @glyphosategirl

Glyphosate Girl Kelly Ryerson
Glyphosate Girl Kelly Ryerson