The Basics of Cannabis with David Miller from FlowGardens

Ep 104: There is still a lot of confusion revolving around cannabis, but as more research and science comes out showing the indisputable benefits, the more understanding and less stigma there seems to be towards this plant.

On this episode we chat with one of the co-owners of FlowGardens, an indoor cannabis cultivation company, about the basics of cannabis.

FlowGardens is dedicated to cultivating health and happiness through premium quality cannabis and educating their customers on the wellness benefits across the entire spectrum of cannabinoids.

Topics Include:

  • how David got into the industry
  • difference between hemp and marijuana
  • THC
  • different cannabinoids: CBD, CBG, CBC
  • sativa versus indica
  • plant medicine
  • endocannabinoid system
  • cannabis benefits
  • cancer fighting agents
  • finding a premium product
  • growing methods
  • terpenes
  • the entourage effects
  • how to combat cannabis stigma
  • synthetic cannabinoids