Proper Nutrition Education, Cancer Abroad, and Being the Change with Lucas McLawhorn

Ep 106: On this episode we chat with Lucas McLawhorn, founder of Well-Fed Ed, a healthy food truck located in coastal North Carolina with an emphasis on educating others (particularly kids) on the benefits of proper nutrition.

Lucas’ discovery of the benefits of ‘food as medicine’ developed after a successful outcome with cancer. We get into all the details surrounding that trying time, as well as all that led up to it.

Topics Include:

  • life as a musician
  • teaching basketball
  • moving to Switzerland
  • education system abroad
  • developing debilitating back pain with no answers
  • getting diagnosed with cancer
  • treatment in Switzerland
  • reading The China Study
  • impact of plant-based nutrition
  • starting a catering business
  • the c-word in Europe
  • moving back to America
  • how we all just want love
  • food truck business
  • educating kids on proper nutrition