Podcast Ep 59: Yoga, Spirituality, and Awakening with Kat Wojtasinski

In holistic health we often say that healing is all about the mind, body, and spirit. Today’s episode we dive into the spirituality side of holistic health, a newer topic for the podcast. We chat all about yoga, spirituality, and awakening!

Kat Wojtasinski is a health and fitness coach who, like many of us, has had her own share of struggles. It’s been fitness, nutrition, and faith that have been her saving grace, helping her overcome whatever difficulties come her way. We discuss her spiritual path, how to approach spirituality, the difference between spirituality versus spiritualism, and confronting our true selves. We get into organized religion guilt, breaking the formulated structure, choosing your faith, and how different the journey may look for each of us.

We also talk about yoga, fitness, prophetic dreams, near death experiences, attachment to the physical world, how to start creating some spiritual discipline, and more! It’s a fun yet deep conversation you don’t want to miss!

You can learn more about Kat on her website or Instagram @katw.offical.