Podcast Ep 29: Metaphysics and Healing the Subconscious with Olga Mejia

It’s estimated that our subconscious controls 90% of our minds. These thought patterns are influenced and shaped through our upbringing, programming, and even ancestors. Transforming these beliefs can often be crucial in healing, not just our minds, but our bodies as well.

Olga Mejia has seen its impact first hand with her own life and those of her clients. Olga’s lived and traveled all over, picking up and learning different alternative healing modalities along the way, studying Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupressure, Naturopathy, reiki, and subconscious work. She’s had some incredible life experiences that helped shape who she’s become today, several relating to death and dying, including a near death experience. We get into all this as well as her life in Manhattan during the 1980’s aids epidemic, her discovery of kundalini yoga, pranayama yoga, past life regression, CBD, lucid dreaming, veganism, and malas. We also talk about the subconscious mind, how to change our belief systems, and working out all the negative in our subconscious through different techniques including Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique.

You can learn more about Olga through her website and follow her on Instagram @ommalas.usa

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