Podcast Ep 18: The Impact of the Nervous System on Our Overall Health with Dr. Carrie Stone

Keeping our bodies happy and healthy is a multifaceted approach. We can’t just eat a bunch of greens and call it a day. There can sometimes be factors effecting our well being that we’ve overlooked, particularly that of our nervous system. The nerves in our spine are connected to different organs and when they are under pressure can cause not only pain, but organ dysfunction. Everything from our digestion to our heart health can be impacted.

I sat down with Dr. Carrie Stone, a chiropractor of 16 years, to chat all about it! Dr. Carrie specializes in a specific technique called the Blair Upper Cervical, a technique focusing on relieving pressures from the delicate brain stem area that controls many major functions of the body. We chat about her story and why she became a chiropractor, the history of chiropractic care, and the medical world. We also get into gluten, dairy, why taking pressure off of the nervous system allows the body to heal itself, and about making conscious, educated choices to take care of our minds and bodies.

You can learn more about Dr. Stone, her technique, and practice through her website.

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