Podcast Ep 011: Healing Communities and Societal Health with Renee Orth

How can we bring back a sense of community? Can we heal the current alienation our society is feeling? What role does food play in our ability to connect with others? I recently sat down with the super passionate Renee Orth to chat about all things community, food, and bringing back the connection we’ve lost with ourselves, other humans, and Mother Earth. Renee doesn’t consider herself an activist, but rather a food justice and community activator. She’s all about activating people and communities to change the system in a way that benefits their health, happiness, and well being with a strong emphasis revolving around food. Renee’s background is law, however recently she’s been focusing her energy on helping restructure how communities interact, grow food, and ultimately connect. She’s the founder of the Stone Soup Collective in Charleston, SC, a non profit that makes delicious nourishing soups under the model buy one give one. For every soup that’s sold another is given to a person in need or sick. We chat about smaller government, how to bring back control to the people, our current system and its flaws. We also get into the environmental crisis our planet is currently facing, micro farms, and front yard gardens. With Renee’s background being law and her passion for helping communities flourish in a sustainable and responsible manner, she makes the perfect candidate for Mayor of the City of Charleston, one of her many current focuses at the moment. Our conversation is about love, plants, and the power that we as individuals all hold in the destiny of our future and this planet!

You can learn more about Renee on her website wethepeopleformayor.com or The Stone Soup Collective here.

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