Podcast Ep 20: Navigating the Path with Plant-based Artist John Duckworth

Making a lifestyle change can be difficult. It can take us some time to get adjusted and get it right! Going plant-based is definitely one of those lifestyle changes that can prove to be challenging at first in our current culture. Charleston artist, John Duckworth, was not exempt from this feeling when he first went plant-based. Before fully committing John tried some different diets. However, once he really began doing the research, watching the videos, and educating himself on the industry, his decision to go plant-based was solidified. He also had to do some tweaking before discovering what foods truly made his thrive.

John, an avid cyclist, has cycled the Great Pyrenees and the Swiss Alps. Naturally, because he’s so active and athletic the P word comes up, protein! We chat about protein, amino acids, plant-based athletes, improved recovery time for those on a WFPB diet, and the misconceptions revolving around protein, meat, and athletics. We also get into his art career, upbringing, moving to Charleston, how and why he transitioned to a plant-based vegan diet, and the reason he initially failed at it. Other topics we cover include kombucha, sugar, gluten, animal agriculture marketing, Ayurveda doshas, and mediation, including his installation performance art piece in which he meditated for 3-4 hours a day for 4-5 weeks.

John's Artwork
John’s Artwork

You can learn more about John’s work on his website and follow him along on Instagram @johnduckworthstudio.

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