Mental Wellness, Detoxing Glyphosate, and Health Empowerment with Allison Jade

On this episode of the podcast we chat with Allison Jade about her story of healing and transformation. Allison has dealt with mental and focus issues since she was a child. Like many kids of the Western world she was prescribed intense pharmaceuticals to “deal” with these problems. This led to low self esteem and self worth, allowing bad people and situations into her life. It wasn’t until she found yoga that Allison began to reconnect to herself, creating a gateway towards better health and confidence. However, it was her experience becoming pregnant with her first child that really got the ball rolling, bringing about a whole new level of discovery and healing.

We discuss her transition of being stuck in Big Pharma’s vicious cycle to her present-day sense of love, health, and sense of purpose.

Topics Include:

  • mind shift after becoming pregnant
  • postpartum
  • pharmaceutical side effects
  • healing and gaining confidence
  • gut health
  • discovering the impact of glyphosate
  • Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation
  • common versus normal
  • raising plant-based kids
  • Purium for breastfeeding moms
  • abusive relationships
  • weaning off coffee
  • pets and disease prevalence
  • barley grass
  • the founder of Purium
  • being of service and finding your purpose
  • and more!

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Allison’s IG: @allisonjadelight