Making the Connection with Nate Maris, Raw Natty N8

On this episode we chat with raw vegan Nate Maris about his transition from hunter, eating the SAD (Standard American Diet) to raw foodie.

Nate had quite a few aha moments throughout the years but chose to suppress them like many of us do living in modern society. The last straw came after a chance encounter on the ski slopes and the rest is history.

Nate now creates incredible content to help others take control of their health, lives, and ultimately souls.

Topics Include:

  • fishing as a young boy
  • making the ethical connection
  • ahimsa
  • putting the blinders on
  • raising and breeding rabbits
  • working in the healthcare industry
  • self preservation
  • his mom’s healing from stage 4 kidney cancer
  • Gerson therapy
  • experience as a coronary care nurse
  • destiny on the ski slopes
  • switching to raw vegan
  • finding love in the raw food world
  • getting people to just eat more whole plant foods
  • starting ones awakening journey
  • raising awareness
  • consciousness of plants
  • what Nate eats in a day

Nate’s YouTube

Nate IG: @rawnattyn8