Intuition, Spirits, and Finding your Higher Self’s Desires with Lauren Levine

Ep 116: Today’s guest Lauren Levine, is no stranger to the podcast. She joined us on episode number 56 when we chatted all about diaphragmatic breathing and the power of the breath. Since that interview Lauren has been through a lot of changes that led her to a new passion as a psychic medium.

Lauren is now an Intuitive Medium along with being a Movement and Breath Specialist and Mentor. She works with women desiring to connect with their body and intuition on a deeper level, as well as bring themselves out of pain, imbalance and stress. Lauren guides women to tap into their own intuition more deeply, hear it more clearly, and heal their own body and soul. She is known by her clients as the Body Whisperer.

Topics Include:

  • Lauren’s childhood experience with spirits
  • growing up in an old home
  • how media molds fear
  • becoming more intuitive
  • what are spirits
  • energy being projected back
  • spirits and dreams
  • frequency
  • encountering spirits
  • being open to receive
  • logical mind versus intuitive mind
  • how to become more intuitive
  • are there bad spirits
  • coming from a place of love
  • psychic mediumistic readings
  • guides and angels
  • medium verus psychic
  • being supported by spirit

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Lauren’s IG: @laurenlevinemovement