Podcast Ep 56: Diaphragmatic Breathing and the Power of the Breath with Lauren Levine

The breath has many names, life force and prana to name a few. But can it really have that powerful of an impact on our bodies? Lauren Levine is the guru of diaphragmatic breath work, helping clients transform their bodies and restore it to its natural state. Tapping into our breath system can help with neck pain, pelvic floor issues, prolapse, low belly pooch, panic attacks, and more. On today’s episode we chat all about the benefits of this life altering work along with Lauren’s path in teaching it, diaphragmatic breathing and the power of the breath.

Lauren is an accomplished professional ballet dancer, having studied and danced all over the country. She was even a Radio City Rockette! We discuss her life as a ballet dancer, sommelier, believing in the process, and how we can all tap into our life force, the breath!

Learn more about Lauren from her website and Instagram @laurenlevinemovement.