How to Become the Most Impactful Vegan with Robert Cheese

Ep 123: Today’s episode with Robert Cheeke, a New York Times bestselling author and longtime vegan activist. His new book, The Impactful Vegan, applies the principles of effective altruism to animal advocacy work to determine how to do the most good for animals.

If you care deeply about animal or planetary suffering, it can overwhelming to know what to do. Robert’s evidence based research is not only inspiring, but also can help alleviate the fatigue that people who care deeply can experience.

Topics Include:

  • Robert’s life growing up on a farm
  • vegan bodybuilding
  • leading by example
  • what inspired him to write The Impactful Vegan
  • effective altruism
  • maximizing the good we can do in the world
  • how to save the most animals
  • animal charity evaluators
  • vegan strong method
  • relieving compassion burnout
  • and more!

Learn more and how to order The Impactful Vegan.

Robert’s IG: @robert.cheeke