Podcast Ep 10: Healed and Thriving on Living Raw Foods with Litisha Ashley-Washburn

The newest episode of The Refined Hippie Podcast is up with the ever inspiring Litisha Ashley-Washburn!

Litisha is a Wholistic Food Practitioner, Living Food/Vegan Food Chef, motivational speaker, living lifestyle/health coach, and detoxification specialist. Her journey began when her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in the late 90’s. As Litisha started researching, she learned that her mother’s illness (and most others out there) had a lot do with the food we eat. It was then that she started eating plant-based, but a horrific car crash in 2013 took things to next level. As she was lying in her hospital bed with multiple fractures to her face, shoulder, ankle, including a titanium plate in her face to save her eye, and a rod with 12 screws in her ankle, the outlook from doctors looked grim. However, she decided to take her healing into her own hands, turning to live juices, foods, and herbs. For 3 months Litisha only drank fresh juices as well as incorporating other alternatives remedies such as chiropractic care, meditation, reiki, and yoga. The results were astounding and the doctors couldn’t believe how quickly she recovered. She was able to not only heal her body, but her spirit as well! Today you would never know she had been in such a horrendous accident.

Litisha has traveled the world, learning, teaching, and sharing the benefits of Living Foods, herbs, and the power of a Plant-based diet! We chat about eating with a purpose, her juice business, LiveLicious, sea vegetables, what it means to eat “living” foods,  walking her purpose and living her passion!

Be sure to follow Litisha on her Instagram @livelicious1 and you can learn more about her story, juices, cleanses, and classes on her website livelicious.com!

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