Finding your Intention and Inspiration with Kathy Davis of VegInspired

Kathy Davis is an author of three cookbooks, CEO of VegInspired, and a plant-based accountability and empowerment coach. On this episode we chat about finding your intention and inspiration within the whole food plant based vegan lifestyle.

We discuss Kathy’s transition to WFPB, her initial reluctance, and how she stays true to herself while living on the road in an RV.

Topics Include:

  • challenges when going plant-based
  • dealing with family at gatherings and eating out
  • how to find your inspiration
  • planning for your choices and goals
  • recommendations for the holidays
  • common mistakes when starting plant-based
  • mindset shifts
  • making intentional choices
  • Kathy’s top 3 go-to meals
  • how to make a carrot “dog”
  • Kathy’s favorite burger
  • best store bought oil-free veggie burgers
  • getting creative in the kitchen
  • eating clean and as close to nature
  • living in an RV
  • and more

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