Fasting, Fragrances, and Freedom

On this episode we chat about a few very important topics, fasting, fragrances, and freedom.

Fasting has been used for thousands of years for health and spiritual reasons. We go over the different types of fasting, a brief historical overview, and then transition into its many benefits as well as how to get started.

Next we discuss the term fragrance, what it really means, where it’s found, and why it’s harmful.

Last, but certainly not least, we discuss freedom and why it’s more important than ever to stand up for freedom of choice to all, no matter what you choose.

Topics include:

  • types of fasting
  • benefits of fasting
  • Valter Longo
  • autophagy
  • telomeres
  • what is fragrance (or parfum)
  • where is it found
  • regulation loopholes
  • health implications
  • female health and fragrance
  • how to avoid fragrance
  • freedom of choice
  • why we need to act

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Valter Longo – Fasting Mimicking Program

Fasting and Longevity 

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1986 Report – Neurotoxins: At Home and the Workplace