Current Events: GMO Rebranding and Lolita the Orca

On today’s episode we chat about some recent events revolving around food labeling and animal rights.

First, we go over the new rebranding and labeling of GMO products, which are now dubbed “bioengineered”. This marketing tactic comes after years of consumer concerns regarding the safety of genetically modified food and organisms. But what does that actually mean for us and the food industry?

Next we chat about Lolita, a 56 year old captive orca, who has recently fallen ill with pneumonia in the Miama Seaqurium. We discuss government guidelines, marine life captivity, and wild orcas.

GMO Rebranding to Bioengineered
GMO Rebranding to Bioengineered

Topics Include:

  • GMO rebranding as bioengineered
  • what is a GMO
  • GMO labeling
  • marketing tactics
  • European requirements
  • health implications of GMOs
  • what foods will be labeled and loopholes
  • Lolita the ocra
  • federal laws and self regulation
  • captive wildlife
  • wild orcas and family life
  • how to help Lolita

Help Lolita by contacting the following:

NOAA, Southeast Fisheries Science Center:

Mayor Levine Cava:

phone to call (305)375-5071

USDA Florida Field Station:

Photo courtesy of the Dodo

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