Chinese Tonic Herbs, Mushrooms, and Making Life Changes with Brandon Gilbert

In this episode I chat with Hyperion Herbs founder Brandon Gilbert all about his discovery of Eastern philosophy and how it transformed his life path.

Like many of us, Brandon has experienced his own share of health issues which led him to deep dive into alternative health. After obtaining profound results, Brandon felt motivated to share his experiences and views with others. Just one year after creating his successful YouTube Channel (2009), Brandon started Hyperion Herbs in order to make the world’s best herbs and teas more readily available and accessible to everyone.

Topics Include:

  • creating Hyperion Herbs
  • life changes
  • discovering Chinese philosophy
  • letting go of anger and resentment
  • Brandon’s YouTube channel
  • Tai Chi
  • tonics herbs
  • reishi mushrooms
  • adaptogens
  • immune system
  • how to consume mushroom extract
  • modern culture’s pros and cons
  • finding perspective
  • getting sucked into negativity
  • fight-or-flight
  • releasing pressure from the nervous system

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