Ayurveda, Glyphosate, and How to Nourish the Body with Carly Reeder

On this episode of the podcast we chat all about Ayurveda, glyphosate, and how to nourish the body with Integrative Wellness Coach Carly Reeder.

Like many of us Carly has had her own healing journey. It all began in college, drinking too much alcohol, smoking cigarettes, eating fast food late night, and living an overall unhealthy life as a means to cope with stress (which is sadly all too common on American college campuses). Soon she was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder and developed tremors, prompting doctors to prescribe her with anti-anxiety and anti-depression pharmaceuticals. But the pills didn’t get to the root cause and her health continued to fail.

Everything shifted after Carly started practicing yoga, opening up a whole new world and changing her life forever! It was then that the long journey to healing began. For the next decade she would study yoga, pilates, massage therapy, and Ayurveda nutrition, along with discovering the best ways to deal with stress and truly nourish the person as a whole – mind, body, and spirit.

Topics Include:

  • anxiety
  • discovering yoga
  • stress psychology
  • psychological response to stress
  • how to destress the body
  • mind over medicine
  • why hustling can be bad for our health
  • yin and yang energy
  • is it adrenal fatigue or a stress storm
  • pillars of ayurveda
  • what is dinacharya
  • evening routines
  • oil pulling
  • glyphosate
  • what’s with wheat?
  • toxins in the home and water
  • and more!