All About the Microbiome and the Power of Probiotics with Natasha Trenev

Ep 107: The health of our GI tract is finally getting the attention is deserves. However, many people believe they can just take a probiotic and call it a day. But just as everything in the supplement industry is concerned, not all probiotics are created equal. Plus, there are many other things we need to incorporate to produce a balanced microbiome.

Today’s guest is Natasha Trenev, dubbed “The Mother of Probiotics”, having significantly contributed to the evolution of the probiotic industry. Her extensive experience and knowledge of the industry began with her family’s 750 year history of producing prized yogurt by the royal family of Yugoslavia. In 1980 she became the first person in North America to introduce the category of probiotic dietary supplements for human use. She is the founder and president of Natren Inc, which makes probiotic products that come with 40 years of focused, rigorous scientific research, and technology from leading scientists and researchers in the field of probiotics.

We chat all things gut microbiome, microbiota, probiotics, the supplement industry, and how the gut impacts every aspect of human health – physical, mental, emotional, skin and organ health. We get into autism, mental health, and more.

Topics Include:

  • what is the microbiome
  • microbiota
  • the probiotic and supplement industry
  • regulations
  • shelf stable versus enteric coated pills
  • the best way to encapsulate probiotics
  • healthy ecosystems
  • educating the public
  • mental health
  • what to do if one has to take antibiotics
  • soil bacteria
  • doing the right thing and helping others
  • energy exchange
  • and more!

Natren IG: @natrenprobiotic

Natasha’s IG: @natashatrenev

Natasha Trenev
Natasha Trenev