All About Cannabis with John Malanca

Ep 73: On this episode we get into all things cannabis with John Malanca, the founder and CEO of United Patients Group, an unparalleled resource and trusted leader in medical cannabis for physicians, pharmacists, patients, their families, and governments, both national and globally.

John has been the go-to expert and trusted professional in education and information in medical cannabis and the health and wellness sector since 2011.

We chat about all things cannabis as well as:

  • the endocannabinoid system
  • John’s life experience that prompted him to create UPG
  • the different cannabinoids
  • why it’s not a one size fit all
  • government issues
  • success stories
  • what to look for in choosing a cannabis product
  • different ways to consume cannabis
  • hemp CBD
  • John’s experience going plant-based
  • infrared saunas
  • benefits of sweating
  • microdosing
  • plant based medicines
  • the v word
  • and some other juicy topics

United Patients Group

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