A Gut Healing Journey to Become Superfree with Madeline Lee

Ep 122: While we cannot choose our genetics, we do have the power to decide what we put in our bodies and how we care for them. This insight has become a guiding principle for Madeline Lee, the creator of Superfree Food, a company focused on creating delicious and satiating anti-inflammatory foods to help nourish and “embrace regenerative and expansive healing”.

Madeline’s gut journey began when she was just 18 years old and diagnosed with Crohn’s, an often devastating digestive disorder. She went in and out of the hospital, tried different pharmaceuticals, and somewhere along the way discovered and began studying all about anti-inflammatory foods. This inspired her to focus on nutrition to improve her health, leading her to create products centered around that goal. Eventually, Superfree Food was created and Madeline is passionate about sharing its benefits and her story.

Topics Include:

  • getting diagnosed with Crohn’s at 18 years old
  • discovering the anti-inflammatory approach
  • trauma
  • rest and digest
  • hustle culture
  • life in NYC
  • animal friends
  • creating Superfree Food
  • high quality fats
  • parasympathetic state
  • escaping a restrictive mentality
  • social media
  • and more!

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Madeline’s Superfree IG: @superfreefood