My Interview on the Kind Kitchn Podcast about Plant-based Nutrition

Are you plant curious? Do you care about the environment? Are you against animal cruelty? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, then you’ll love this interview! Recently, I sat down with my good friend and fellow plant-based vegan, Maggie Griner, on the brand new Kind Kitchn Podcast. We covered pretty much all of these topics and more! I reveal my health journey and struggles, and how going plant-based helped heal my body. However, it was finding a deeper connection with my food and how those choices effect the planet and the animals that made this lifestyle about much more than just nutrition. Through all these trials, tribulations, and education, a new passion was formed! I am now not only passionate about plant-based nutrition, but I also care deeply about planet Earth and ALL of its inhabitants. I want to share and inspire others by what I have learned!

Topics we cover:

  • What is this plant-based diet everyone’s talking about and why is it special?
  • How does eating a plant-based diet impact the environment and the animal agriculture industry?
  • What are simple small steps one could take to give this lifestyle a try?

Later this month I’ll be debuting my very own podcast, The Refined Hippie Podcast, with Maggie coming on as my very first guest! I can’t wait to get started! But until then, please enjoy my interview on Maggie’s podcast!

Listen below or find the interview on Apple podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, or Stitcher. Simply search Kind Kitchn (no “e”).

You can also follow Maggie on Instagram at @kindkitchn!