Women’s Health and Post Natal Depletion with Dr. Amy Hawkins ND

Being exhausted as a new mom is common in our society, and like many complaints in Western culture has been normalized. But if the fatigue is extreme one could be suffering from post natal depletion, a term that is just now being more widely used and recognized. The condition can even last for up to 10 years after giving birth.

On this episode we chat with naturopathic doctor Amy Hawkins, ND all about the condition. Dr. Hawkins helps guide women to rebuild their health and ultimately their life.

Topics Include:

  • Amy’s story and why she became a naturopathic doctor
  • post natal depletion
  • symptoms of post natal depletion
  • postpartum experience in other countries
  • finding postpartum support
  • pushing ourselves too far
  • modern society
  • feminism
  • judging versus supporting
  • prioritizing self care
  • when to ask for help
  • naturopathic medicine – “doctor as teacher”
  • shift in the medical world

Dr. Amy’s IG: @dramyhawkins