Podcast Ep 43: Finding a Healthy Relationship with Food, Eating Disorders, and Thyroid Health with April Duckworth

On this episode of the podcast we chat with one of my closest friends, April Duckworth, about some of her most profound life experiences. April became a vegetarian at an early age, but her relationship with food wasn’t in a good place. She struggled with an eating disorder for over a decade and it wasn’t until she became a plant-based vegan that her relationship with food totally shifted. However, because of those traumatic years her body still had a lot of healing to do as she dealt with thyroid problems and infertility. But just as she and her husband started looking into adoption a miracle happened, she found out she was pregnant! They now have a beautiful baby boy! She was able to overcome her thyroid issues and conceive naturally with the help of a WFPD. Her story is a perfect example of the power of a plant-based diet, hope, and being true to yourself!

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