Podcast Ep 25: How to Live a Joyful Vegan Life with Colleen Patrick-Goudreau

How can one become a joyful vegan and stay that way? Today’s guest, Colleen Patrick Gordreau, has been vegan for 20 years. Colleen’s an advocate for plant-based eating, speaker, commentator, podcaster, and award winning author of 7 books. Her newest book, The Joyful Vegan: How to Stay Vegan in a World that Wants You to Eat Meat, Dairy, and Eggs, gives readers the wisdom, tools, and tips to manage the challenges that can arise from being a plant-based vegan.

Colleen’s helped thousands of people transition and navigate this world while being vegan through her advocacy and work. But like many of us, she didn’t start out vegan. We chat about her awakening and transition into this lifestyle, some of the main struggles people experience, how to stay vegan within our communities, and finding our voice. We also go over some of the main myths surrounding veganism. And since the holidays are coming up, Colleen shares some excellent advice for how to navigate this festive time of the year while staying true to ourselves and our compassionate beliefs.

You can learn more about Colleen on her website and follow her on Instagram @joyfulvegan.

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