Plant-based Meal Planning with Kathy Davis

Ep 117: On this episode we chat with plant-based lifestyle and mindset coach, Kathy Davis, all about meal planning.

Kathy has been eating vegan for more than 9 years and whole food plant-based for over 4. One tool she used to stay consistent and make her plant-based lifestyle sustainable was meal planning. She founded the Meal Plan Accountability Club to help others become efficient and effective meal planners to stay on track and achieve their goals.

Topics Include:

  • living in an RV
  • national parks
  • national parks versus national monuments
  • traveling with cats
  • meal planning in an RV
  • meal planning
  • intention over perfection
  • getting out of the “should” mindset
  • challenges when changing your lifestyle
  • meal planning versus meal prepping
  • making an inspiration list
  • common myths of being plant-based
  • meal planning template

Get your own MEAL PLAN TEMPLATE here!

Kathy’s IG: @veginspired