Living a Better Life with Jeannette Ms. FitVegan

Today’s guest Jeannette Donofrio, AKA Ms. FitVegan, has been a raw vegan for over 10 years and is passionate about inspiring others to live a happier and healthier life.

Jeannette grew up like many of us, eating the Standard America Diet (SAD) and in turn developing the standard American issues – acne, weight problems, anxiety, and depression. Because of this she sought out health and healing, eventually becoming a raw vegan. At the beginning she felt incredible, but a month into her new lifestyle she ran into a road block. Why was this happening? After seeking advice from her mentor she was back on track. She now uses her experience and lessons to help others transition to raw vegan and/or just incorporate more fresh produce into their lives.

She discusses the mistakes she made, best ways to transition, and her life as a raw vegan. We get into other factors that impact of our health and overall wellbeing including our thoughts, habits, and people we hang out with.

Topics Include:

  • watermelons
  • impact of documentaries
  • living a better life
  • from vegetarian to raw foodie
  • social challenges when eating healthy
  • Woodstock Fruit Festival
  • benefits of fruits
  • biggest mistakes when going raw
  • best ways to transition to raw
  • dealing with cravings
  • anxiety and depression
  • changing habits
  • working with your specific design
  • the impact of our thoughts
  • being ones own life coach

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