Diabetes and Reversing Disease with Jacinda Shapiro, RN

It’s estimated that 13% of the US population have diabetes. That percentage is projected to increase to 33% by 2050 if current trends stay the same. Most of those diagnosed with this disease have type 2 diabetes, between 90-95% of cases. But it doesn’t have to be this way! Type 2 diabetes is a lifestyle disease which can be treated and reversed following a plant-based diet.

Jacinda Shapiro RN is a certified diabetes educator, focusing on a lifestyle approach for prevention, management, and reversal with an emphasis on low fat, whole food, plant-based nutrition.

Her path to a whole food plant-based lifestyle started with her children, who were diagnosed with life threatening health issues. While trying to get answers, Jacinda worked with different practitioners and protocols to try and ease the suffering. It wasn’t until reading The China Study that they found full recovery.

Now she helps inspire and educate others to take charge of their bodies and lives!

We chat all about her story, discovering WFPB, healing her children, veganism, misconceptions surrounding diabetes, and more!

Topics Include:

  • Western chronic disease
  • fat and type 2 diabetes
  • common misconceptions
  • insulin resistance and where it comes from
  • children and diabetes
  • carnivore diet
  • carbohydrates
  • fiber and microbes in the gut
  • animal protein, fat, and eggs
  • diabetes statistics
  • dietary cholesterol
  • The China Study
  • issues with fish
  • animal cruelty
  • being healthy for the animals
  • phone addition

Jacinda’s IG: @empower_me_diabetes_health