Creating a Waste Free Future with Brad Pedersen

Today’s topic is one that’s a concern for many of us, creating a waste-free future. It’s no secret that humans are having a negative impact on the Earth. The good news is that we can turn things around and there are innovators out creating solutions to make that easier for us.

Brad Pedersen is the co-founder and chairman of Pela (peel-ah), a direct to consumer e-commerce company, committed to creating a waste free future. The company created Lomi, an electronic kitchen composter that magically turns your organic waste into dirt while you sleep. Brad and I chat all about his story, composting, Lomi, food waste, and how we can all make small changes that in turn have huge impacts.

Topics Include:

  • what is composting
  • using flax to create compostable products
  • composting at home
  • Lomi composting unit
  • how to reduce food waste
  • landfills
  • challenges faced when creating a business that cares about the planet
  • out of sight, out of mind
  • being a caretaker for the planet
  • making a meaningful impact
  • effect the change we want to see

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