CBD Skincare, Hemp, and the Importance of Cannabis Education with Taylor Jameson

Ep 119: CBD is becoming more widely used and recognized, but what about in skincare? Today’s guest is a trailblazer in the world of CBD skincare and spa treatments. Taylor Jameson, owner and CVO of The Hemp Spa in Wilmington, NC, began her journey with CBD after experiencing its remarkable benefits for managing her chronic pain, leading her to break free from traditional pain medications.

Driven by a passion for the transformative power of CBD in her own life, Taylor made the bold decision to incorporate CBD skincare into her esthetics practice. This marked the birth of North Carolina’s first Hemp Spa, where a commitment to holistic wellness and results-driven treatments became the cornerstone of her approach.

On this episode we chat about all things CBD skincare and cannabis, showcasing Taylor’s dedication to providing a holistic and effective skincare experience while normalizing cannabis and beauty.


  • Taylor’s discovery of CBD for pain management
  • cannabis and skin
  • The Hemp Spa
  • importance of education
  • normalizing cannabis
  • beauty industry
  • cannabis and racism
  • endocannabinoid system
  • top beauty benefits of CBD
  • sourcing products
  • regulation and quality
  • topical CBD
  • labeling
  • tinctures
  • legalization and The Farm Bill
  • Aerolase laser treatment
  • and more!

The Hemp Spa