Buckwheat, Soil Health, and Sustainability with Adam Hiner and Maddie Hamann

Ep 110: When I started having digestive issues years ago, one of the first things I did was become gluten-free. Of course at the time I had no idea why, it was just a buzz word floating around, but it did help. I felt lighter and more clear headed.

Many others are seeing the benefits of a gluten-free lifestyle and there’s now a surge of gf products on the market. However, as with anything, they are not all created equal.

Today’s guests, Adam and Maddie, are also passionate about gluten-free, so much so that they created a company making delicious wholesome bread that tastes great and leaves you feeling incredible.

Pacha is a certified organic bread made from sprouted and fermented buckwheat, a crop that’s good for soil health, has a delicious hearty flavor, a plethora of health benefits, plus important for regenerative agriculture.

Topics Include:

  • how Pacha got started
  • gluten-free
  • bread making
  • buckwheat
  • cover crops
  • benefits of growing buckwheat
  • why soak and sprout
  • regenerative agriculture
  • compostable packaging
  • convenience culture
  • the process of getting into WholeFoods
  • creating companies that care
  • raising capital
  • oceanography
  • the impact of nutrient inputs
  • dead zones
  • and more!

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Pacha’s IG: @livepacha

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