Are Eggs a Health Food?

Eggs are synonymous with breakfast. Many people think they’re a “healthy” choice to start the day, but are eggs a health food? The USDA doesn’t think so, as documents reveal the agency informed the egg industry against using the terms like “health” or “safe” when promoting eggs because it violates rules against false and misleading advertising. On this episode we crack the egg wide open, examining the research, the conflicting information, and what it all says.

Topics include:

  • Eggs and Gut Bacteria
  • Mucus formation
  • TMAO
  • Cholesterol
  • HDL and LDL
  • Eggs and Heart Disease
  • Egg industry banned from using the word “healthy” or “safe” in advertising
  • Eggs and Cancer
  • Moral Issues
  • Egg Industry
  • Backyard chickens
  • Data manipulation
  • What to eat for breakfast