All About Cancer, Healing Trauma, and Holistic Health with Nathan Crane

Ep 109: It’s the dreaded c-word, cancer, the second leading cause of death in the world. On this episode we chat all about cancer, healing trauma and holistic health with Nathan Crane, a certified holistic cancer coach and natural health researcher. Nathan’s also a best selling author, inspirational speaker, and 20x award-winning documentary filmmaker. But how does a person become passionate about cancer?

We get into Nathan’s story of being a troubled teen, addicted to drugs, to his incredible transformation of becoming a holistic cancer coach with over 15 years in the natural health, leadership, and personal development space.


  • how Nathan healed his own inner emotional trauma
  • personal forgiveness
  • trauma and chronic disease
  • root causes of all cancer
  • cancer fear
  • allopathic view on cancer
  • misconceptions of cancer
  • what causes chronic inflammation
  • how to heal traumas
  • recommendations for therapy
  • Qi-gong
  • energetic healing
  • and more!

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Nathan’s IG: @nathancranepodcast

Nathan’s Book: Becoming Cancer Free