Welcome to The Refined Hippie


Hi and welcome! My name is Rebecca, the Refined Hippie. I’m so excited to have finally launched this website! I’ve talked about it for quite some time now after becoming enthralled with all things nutrition and wellness related.

The term “refined hippie” has been a way I’ve described myself for a few years now. It was a slow progression of identifying with a fundamental set of values that encompass two worlds traditionally seen as polar opposites. How can one be BOTH “refined” and a “hippie”, you may ask?

Different Values Aren’t Necessarily Conflicting

Can one be both refined and a hippie? Of course! How is this possible? Well, let’s start by examining some common values associated with both terms.

In other words, I feel just as comfortable dressed up for a fancy occasion with a cocktail in my hand as I do sitting on a beach – salty haired, post surf-sesh sipping on a kombucha. 🙂

Strong Willed Since Childhood

Deep down, I think my soul was always a little hippish; I just didn’t know it. The “free spirit” nature was there from the beginning (my mom can attest to that). At the age of 4, I insisted on sleeping alone in a tent outside (this was the late 80’s, a safer time). My mom obliged, convinced I wouldn’t last. She waited patiently, assuming I would get frightened and scurry back indoors. To her surprise I stayed the entire night. This would be just one of many occasions.

When it came to organized activities such as dance lessons, girl scouts, etc., I tried them all but never lasted long. I couldn’t stand the structure and wanted to walk to my own beat. Just because everyone else was doing something, didn’t make me want to join in. There was too much ‘follow the leader’, and that never interested me.

My love and connection with animals also started from the beginning. My family was even convinced I would grow up to be a veterinarian. I spent most of my time playing outdoors in a tree or building a home for one of my plethora of different pets.

At times I’m sure it appeared that I was difficult, stubborn, and overly opinionated but all those traits make for a free-willed, passionate adult.

Health Journey Sparks Stronger Connection

It has been my experiences and those I’ve met along the way which have guided me to this place. My own health crisis helped push things to the next level. As I tried to heal myself naturally, I began questioning everything I put in and on my body. I started analyzing the planet and what we as a species were doing to it through things like factory farming, pollution, and deforestation.

With this new awareness of these atrocities, I saw the immense harm that we’re causing to our bodies, triggering disease and pain. This new perspective sparked me to change my ways and in turn create a healthier and more fulfilling life. I gained a deeper and more spiritual connection with myself and the world around me. The Refined Hippie lifestyle is one that cares deeply about the planet and all it’s inhabitants. It cares about what is put in our bodies and on our skin.

The Refined Hippie lifestyle is one that cares deeply about the planet and all it’s inhabitants.

A Blog is Born

My goal for this website is to provide information to help inspire others to live their lives being the best version of themselves, helping their families and the planet. I’ll share experiences, recipes, recommendations, and tips for those interested in taking a holistic and caring approach to their life and their health.

So join me on this journey. Perhaps you too will find your inner hippie!

Just finished cooking lots of plant-based goodness.
Just finished cooking lots of plant-based goodness.